Why Choose Sun?

The Sun Difference

It is important to have a comfort level with the mergers & acquisitions firm and the individual that you entrust to achieve your transaction objectives. A reputable business broker should provide a high level of attention, professionalism, service and expertise irrespective of the size of the transaction.

What differentiates Sun Mergers & Acquisitions?

Years of Experience

We have over 30 years of sell-side advisory experience and have successfully closed over 300 transactions involving small and mid-market firms. We encourage you to speak with our past clients and hear about their experiences.

Senior Level Representation

Unlike some middle market M&A firms, we do not employ “professional openers/closers” or transfer the handling of an assignment to junior-level personnel. Sun M&A ensures that your transaction will receive the direct involvement and attention of the partners in our firm. We apply a team approach to our engagements with senior professionals of varying strategic backgrounds, each contributing a range of 5 to 25+ years of M&A experience.

Regional Firm

Sun M&A is headquartered in the New York metropolitan area. As a regional middle-market M&A firm, we are able to provide a higher level of service to this area as our presence enables us to attend all buyer/seller meetings. This permits us to positively influence the tenor and direction of the meetings, manage the flow of information, measure the interest level of potential acquirers, suggest enhancements for future meetings, and have a thorough knowledge of what transpires. These elements ultimately aid in maximizing both the value and the probability of closing a transaction.

Specializing in the Small and Mid-Market

There are business brokers that handle “mom and pop” main street businesses and other large investment banking firms that focus on transactions with valuations in excess of $200 million. Sun’s niche is to address the underserved market that falls between these two segments, providing small and mid-market firms with the level of representation that previously had only been made available to much larger firms.

Identifying Qualified Acquirers

Sun’s extensive network of business and professional contacts, along with our research capabilities, enable us to identify highly targeted potential buyers, including strategic acquirers, financial buyers, and private equity firms.


Sun M&A understands how to implement a discreet targeted marketing plan to identify qualified acquirers while maintaining strict confidentiality regarding the specifics of your business. Sun M&A requires qualified potential acquirers to execute confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Confirming Valuation Parameters

To make an informed decision, a business owner must be armed with an accurate understanding as to realistic market valuation and likely transaction structure expectations. Sun M&A will invest the time to better understand your objectives and present an informed opinion as to what is achievable in these crucial areas. This is done in advance of any engagement in order to mutually confirm that our opinion of likely valuation range is in line with your expectations prior to either party making a commitment to the selling process.

Limited Number of Engagements

Sun Mergers & Acquisitions limits the number of engagements at any given time. This ensures our ability to provide a very high level of service, pro-activity, and responsiveness to our clients.

Success Based Fee Structure

Sun M&A provides expert merger and acquisition representation, while maintaining a competitive success based fee structure that aligns its financial goals with those of the client. We are paid for performance and are compensated after achieving the desired results for our client. Additionally, the incremental purchase price that we can obtain through successfully managing the sale process significantly exceeds our fee for service.

Client References

We appreciate and acknowledge that the sale of a business is a major endeavor in our clients’ lives. We encourage you to speak to our former clients to validate our capabilities.

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