How to Present Your Company to Maximize Value

Selling your business is no easy task; logically, you want to get the most value when you sell it. For you, it’s more than a business; it represents years of hard work and dedication. Hasbrouck Heights, NJ Business broker, Sun Mergers & Acquisitions, helps privately held mid-market business owners sell their companies throughout the United States for the best value possible. Here are our tips for how to present your company in a compelling way to maximize value in business sales.

Keep Good Records

One of the keys to a successful business sale is your company records. They should be in good shape and error-free. Your records will testify to the strength and profit of your business, so if they’re sloppy, it might scare off potential buyers.

Create a Solid Team

Potential buyers will want to know that the business they might purchase features a robust and capable management team. They anticipate that the business will run just as smoothly after you transfer ownership, but without good people, chances are the business will suffer. A buyer might offer less for your business if they need a strong management team to run the business after your departure. Examine how you allocate the main leadership roles within your company. Is leadership top-heavy, meaning many, if not all, main responsibilities fall to you and one other person? For example, if you, as a business owner, facilitate all of the company’s outside relationships, who will continue those when you exit the company? Ensure that your business can run well after your exit by delegating appropriately.

Improve Any Gaps and Shortcomings

As you firm up your business operations, take time to notice any shortcomings or gaps in your process. Are there potential slowdowns or a lack of effective systems? Address these issues quickly so they don’t become a value detractor when it’s time to sell.

Share Your Business Story and Mission

Do you have a story? A “why” behind the company? Stories are a great way to add value and differentiate your company from others in your industry. Make sure your story and mission are a part of how you present your company. Stories are also an excellent way to attract customers, as 68% of consumers indicate a brand story influences their purchasing decisions. Moreover, companies with a compelling brand story enjoy a 20% increase in customer loyalty. You should know the answer to any questions about your business’ purpose and mission and keep it consistent.

Get a Business Valuation

When considering the option of selling a business, a business valuation enables you to better understand the realistic value of your company to confirm in advance if it would enable you to achieve your financial goals. A business valuation is a tool that allows the owner to accurately assess and make an informed decision about the viability and timing of selling their business. Even if you are not ready to sell, it is nice to know your options. Sun Mergers & Acquisitions, sister company, Sun Business Valuations, specializes in Business Appraisals for companies throughout the United States.

Sun Mergers & Acquisitions understands the market, how to present to buyers, and how to enhance business value for sellers. If you want to sell your business or plan an exit strategy, get in touch today.