Need a Guest Speaker?

Stephen J. Goldberg, Founder of Sun Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC is available to speak at your next conference, symposium, or round table meeting. Whether one is thinking about an exit strategy in the near future or many years from now, every business owner is interested in maximizing company value, preparing for an eventual exit strategy and understanding the various options available to them.

Stephen shares his wealth of knowledge from his 30 years of mergers and acquisitions consulting with audiences throughout the United States. He addresses a variety of insights and strategies that will increase the value of your company or your client's companies. These topics are applicable to all business owners, whatever the industry or size.

Topics covered include:

  • Exit Strategy: An Ongoing Process of Maximizing Value and Marketability
  • Valuation of Privately Held Companies
  • Taking the Mystique out of the Business Sale Process

For further information on our presentations offered, please call (800) 232-0180 or email us today.

Increase the Value of Your Company

Whether planning the sale of your business in the near term or positioning for a future transition, it is crucial to continuously build value into your business and best position yourself and your company for a future exit strategy. This presentation will benefit owners that want to apply these concepts to their businesses, as well as advisors to owners that want to bring additional value to their clients. Particular emphasis will be placed on value enhancement strategies that will maximize value and marketability of your Company.

Selling a business is a once in a lifetime event for most entrepreneurs. Awareness and preparation will maximize your company’s value and the probability of a successful sale. Whether you are thinking about selling the business in the near future or are many years away, it’s critical to build the value of the business.

Preparing your company today = more options tomorrow!

Presentation Will Include:

  • The primary “value drivers” influencing business valuation
  • Strategies to increase the value of your company
  • Intangibles and “risk factors” that impact marketability & business value
  • Current status of the M&A marketplace
  • Initiatives that can be implemented to better position a company for future sale
  • Common challenges limiting marketability of small and mid-market companies

Each participant will receive a Sun BV Value Enhancement Workbook including a detailed diagnostic, which will enable business owners to address deficiencies and take pro-active measures to enhance the value of their business.