Selling a business can be expensive and overwhelming

The term “independent business owner” doesn’t just refer to your life as an entrepreneur. It also denotes the mindset that life as a business owner demands. You’re confident, independent, and maybe a bit stubborn.

You’ve thought about it, perhaps spending some sleepless nights debating what to do next with your New York or New Jersey based business. Now you’ve decided it’s time to sell. You have good reasons for the sale—reasons that shouldn’t scare a prospective buyer.

You’ve been considering selling your business for some time when you get that interesting email in your inbox:


When pursuing the sale of your company, it is important to be prepared. Being prepared not only means getting your books and records organized and preparing a quality descriptive executive summary of your company, it also involves educating yourself to properly address the common questions that will inevitably be asked by prospective acquirers. Properly preparing for and addressing these questions will maximize an acquirer’s comfort level, reduce their perceived risk and increase valuation.