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Sun Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC is a full-service professional business intermediary firm specializing in all aspects of the confidential sale, merger, acquisition and valuation of privately held mid-market companies. Our primary focus is handling the sale of entrepreneurial and family held companies. Sun M&A brings extensive, broad based expertise, yielding the greatest probability of a successful sale with a maximum net after-tax yield.

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Sun M&A fought hard on my behalf without being confrontational. I wanted to stay on after the transaction so it was important that I protect my relationship with the buyer. They were skillful at exceeding my purchase price expectations without hurting my relationship.

Ray Ferranti

President, Ferranti Steel

While we may know the ins and outs of our own business, the ability to convey the tangible assets and intangible goodwill to a buyer is best handled by an M&A professional with extensive experience within your industry. The team’s guidance enabled our Company to achieve very favorable transaction terms in record closing time! I would recommend to anyone that you welcome a conversation with Sun.

Jerome P. Conlin

CEO, Vogel Bus Company, Inc.

Before Sun, I had interviewed many brokers and intermediaries. I learned over time that Sun was 100% committed to helping me achieve my goal. They were a true partner to me through the endeavor of selling my company and even carried me over the finish line.

Wally Parker

Owner, Adco Chemical

I thought that selling my business in a challenging economy was not a good idea. Sun was able to find a perfect buyer and arrange for a premium "all-cash" deal with a company I love working with.

Paul Lieberman

Owner, Superior Manufacturing

Sun M&A just helped us sell our company and I have nothing but praise for their professionalism, dedication and hard work in handling the process from beginning to end. They remained completely focused throughout the process, working through problems as they arose, keeping everybody on track and making sure everyone kept our eye on the end goal...

Michael Hepp

Owner, Computer Network Concepts

The process of selling the Company was a really long and challenging journey. The professional support of Sun Mergers & Acquisitions made this endeavor much easier. I have to particularly thank Bob Eatroff and Gary Leonardi for their keen cooperation. As our advisors, Bob and Gary proposed creative solutions during negotiations to effectively overcome significant obstacles in order to get the deal done. Their experience, knowledge, and professionalism was instrumental in the successful closing of this transaction.

Ki Sung Bae

President & Principal, L M F, LLC

Sun helped me understand the process of selling my company and helped me through every step. They educated me upfront on what to expect and what I needed to do to prepare my business and more importantly prepare myself for this life changing event. They referred excellent professionals and were instrumental in exceeding my personal goals.

Saul Cohen

President, SC Associates, Inc.

We couldn't be happier about the way things have played out [and] are especially pleased with our decision to work with Sun. From our initial meeting to the initial memorandum, through the diligence process, and on through to the final close, you guys performed at an exceptional level. Steve was nothing short of extraordinary, particularly in the final stages of negotiation.

Walter Demsia

CEO, Denville Scientific, Inc.

Hiring Sun made the difference in being able to retire. I was unsure whether my business could be sold in this marketplace. Sun M&A made it happen.

Leonard Weissman

Owner, Weissman Home Centers

Sun was very professional and was right there every step of the way through this very time consuming, complex process. They were patient with us, answered every question we had, made sure we had all the proper paperwork; I can go on and on.

Dino Tommassi

President, Marlo Manufacturing

Sun M&A is a firm of professionals who really go to bat for their clients. I have never seen a firm get as immersed in every step of the process like they did on behalf of my clients.

Marc Blumenthal

CPA, Sax Macy Fromm

Hiring Sun made the difference in my being able to take advantage of an excellent opportunity and move on to my next business challenge. Sun demonstrated professional guidance and perseverance in identifying the right buyers with the industry knowledge to continue the success I had enjoyed.

Ken Gilbert

Principal of RazorFocus

Sun was invaluable in helping negotiate to find the best value and fit for me and my Firm. Sun helped us work through challenging issues enabling me to develop and maintain a strong relationship with the acquirer that will continue through my new position with them.

Deborah Meola

Founder & President of Clinton Office Products

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, but, I am especially pleased with my decision to work with Sun M&A. From our initial meeting through the due diligence process, all phases of business, operations, legal, and accounting were shepherded by the team at Sun. Their skills were most evident when the complexities of this transaction were at their peak.

David Gust

CEO, High Five Products, Inc.

Sun has demonstrated a rare understanding of the complex relationship that occurs between the buyer and the seller. They also have a thorough knowledge of the financial and business issues that need to be worked out during the negotiating stage, the due diligence phase and writing the contracts.

Glenn Oken

Partner, Mangrove Equity Partners

Deciding to sell our business was a difficult discussion, but with the help of Sun we were able to analyze all of the facets of a sale...and reach a conclusion on how to proceed. Sun guided us through every step and made sure our margin for success was as high as possible, concluding in a completed transaction that we were thrilled to achieve.

Jeffrey Jones

President, US Datalink

My client recently hired Sun to assist with identifying a blue chip candidate to purchase the business. I have had clients use brokers in the past, with mixed results. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the value that the Sun team brought to the transaction at every critical stage of the deal...

Scott Cain

Partner, Wittlin, Cain & Dry, LLP

I acquired my company over 20 years ago and was approaching a stage in my life where I wanted to travel and dedicate my time to my family. An exit was the right choice for me and after working with Sun I can attest that seeking their services was the best choice for achieving my professional and personal goals.

Rudy Ventker

CEO, ICAS Computer Systems

Sun and I worked on a complex and emotional deal and they were both tireless and incredibly focused on doing what was best for our mutual client. Sun added significant real value for the client throughout the entire process. I look forward to working with them again and recommending Sun on future matters.

Bruce Hoover

Partner, Goldberg Segalla LLP

Sun's guidance together with their connections within the industry, enabled our Company to achieve very favorable transaction terms, not to mention a record closing time! I would recommend to anyone that you welcome a conversation to explore your exit strategy options.

Jerome P. Conlin

CEO, Vogel Bus Company, Inc.

From the creation of the offering memorandum through due diligence and eventual contract negotiations, Sun's belt and suspenders approach and encyclopedic knowledge combined with unmatched expertise was essential to the process. Perhaps the most meaningful testimony is that without hesitation I would gladly call upon you to represent me.

Richard Wagner

CEO, Intelligent Search Technology, Ltd.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity of working with many brokers, intermediaries and bankers, but few have demonstrated the kind of professionalism, dedication and hard work of Sun. Sun made sure all of the professionals involved were kept fully engaged. Their involvement was invaluable...

Daniel Swick Esq.

Partner, Herrick Feinstein

Trying to sell your business is a very challenging endeavor, however with Sun's help, we avoided pitfalls and wound up successfully selling our business with as little pain as possible. Sun worked hard, handling problems, negotiating with multiple potential buyers and creating a transaction that worked for all parties...

Al Chasen

Shareholder, Johnson Promident

I started my company 20 years ago with very little capital. I was forced to continually reinvest in the company and as a result, about 80% of my net worth was tied up in the business. This transaction was crucial to my retirement. Their strategy, attention to detail, and patience was crucial in achieving a successful outcome and limiting the stress that would have been present if I had tried to go at it alone.

Uma Kastury

President, TestPak, Inc.

We had discussions to sell with a few of the big operators but it went no where until we got Sun involved. Sun prepared a book on our company, presented it to various buyers, and generated a lot of interest. They negotiated the whole deal, including other elements that were important to us. Everything turned out as well as we could have hoped for.

Ken Ehlers

President, A and B Co., Inc.

I did not have to sell my business. I only would entertain the idea if I was able to achieve a premium value for the company. Through Sun's efforts, I received a premium the was more than 30% higher than I had thought possible.

John Brandt

Owner, National Health Career Associates

Sun helped me through every step of this emotional process. Most potential buyers wanted to pay common industry multiples based upon a percentage of revenue with minimal cash at closing. Through Sun's efforts, we achieved a purchase price in excess of the industry standard, and I received mostly cash at closing and a short term note.

James Bergamotto

CEO, Protectors Security Services, Inc.

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What Can Sun M&A Do for You?

Sun Mergers & Acquisitions offers a wide array of services geared toward the sale, merger and valuation of privately held, small and mid-market firms.

Expertise: Sun provides a level of expertise and resources to mid-market firms that were previously only available to much larger companies. Our decades of business sale experience in this highly specialized field creates an advantage for our clients, even when negotiating with the most experienced acquirers. This sets us apart from other mergers and acquisitions firms.

Confidentiality: A paramount importance and our approach is tailored toward maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

Success-Based Fee Structure: Our proven "success-based" approach to business sales, coupled with proper presentation of the operational and financial aspects of your firm, will maximize your company's value and enables our success rate to be considerably higher than that of the industry.

Business Valuation: Business sale transactional experience in the middle market enables us to provide an objective, professional opinion of realistic anticipated business valuation and transaction structure. It is important to understand your options and then make an informed decision, prior to beginning the process.

Acquirers: Our extensive network of business and professional contacts and research capabilities enable us to provide rapid and targeted introductions of appropriate buyers including strategic acquirers, financial buyers and private equity firms.

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